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Look for Another Professional Cleaning Service

Signs You Need a Different Cleaner for Your Office

A clean commercial building is not just necessary for comfort. It also plays a vital role in leaving a good first impression on your clients. Aside from that, a tidy office can boost the morale of your employees or staff, resulting in a lower attrition rate. As such, it’s essential that the janitorial service company you hire is competent enough in handling their assigned task. If you’re having issues with your current janitor, look out for these signs to know it’s time to look for a different provider of a quality professional cleaning service:

The prices increase frequently

Cleaning companies operate so they could earn money. That’s what most, if not all, businesses do. Prices are typically increased only infrequently. However, if you start noticing that their prices have risen on an unreasonable number of occasions without a clear cause, it may be time to search for another cleaning company.

The staff are changed frequently

A cleaning business will every once in a while switch out staff members, but doing so frequently can be inconvenient. You will need to let them know your expectations, needs, and preferences and adjust to various cleaners with different attitudes over and over again. Isn’t that really inconvenient and even irritating? The high employee turnover rate might also be a sign that the company does not treat or fairly compensate its staff. Poor treatment may lead to subpar janitor performance, which will be detrimental to your company. As a result, your business will suffer.

The supplies are low

Are your janitorial supplies not regularly restocked? Have your employees frequently made complaints to you about the lack of toilet tissue or sanitizer in the restroom? Remember that if you hire a full-service cleaning company, these expenses may be covered. If they don’t consistently supply, you won’t get the most out of the money you pay for their services.

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